Calendar Season is approaching – could you make some $$$?

By | August 20, 2007

Lulu’s reminding us that Calendar Giving Season is almost upon us. is a wonderful website that enables authors and publishers to put together their own publications.

What is Their Blurb (not mine!)

Lulu is the web’s premier independent publishing marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. It’s the only place on the web where you can publish, sell and buy any and all things digital — books, music, comics, photographs, movies and well, you get the idea. We simply provide the tools that leave control of content in the hands of the people who created the content.

Last year, I made and ordered one copy of a wonderful calendar that still hangs on my wall at the office. The quality of the paper and reproduction of the photos begs me to cut out the images and use them as actual pictures in frames on my walls. I was absolutely thrilled by the quality.

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In 2007, Lulu was voted #1 in its category in the 2007 Web 2.0 awards.

Anyway, here’s the reminder letter.

It’s almost 2008. Do you know where your calendar is?
It probably seems like just yesterday you were basking in the glow of your snazzy, new, custom-made 2007 calendar.

Time sure flies, because it’s already about that time to make a new one for 2008!

Good thing we make it so easy.

Make your day – go create a calendar.

And this time around, you can create a whole set of professional-looking calendars to sell or share, for all sorts of occasions:

• Holiday gifts
• School events
• Fundraisers
• Corporate promotions
• Family reunions
• …what will you think of next?

It’s always a great day to make a calendar . So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present.

Have a great week,


So whatever you create, enjoy the process, create some great stuff! And I hope you’ll discover a whole new income stream!

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