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In early April, Colleen Lane contacted me and asked to me to review the Tri-Cities Real Estate website, which you can see at the top of the blog, and in the sidebar.

After visiting such a beautifully crafted website, rich in visual media, careful coloring, and pleasing welcome page, I have to say that this website is perhaps the most visually attractive website that I’ve had to review, and I believe it surely reflects the natural beauty of its home state.

Tri-Cities Real Estate, based in Washington State (one of the loveliest states with its low population density, extensive reservations and wonderful scenery), provides Real Estate services in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

I like the URL which is simple and easy to remember. The only problem with the URL is it doesn’t tell you what the website is… but then you likely already know when you visit it. Theirblog is updated regularly, but uses a different theme, so it looks out of character with the rest of the website.


One of the reasons a book like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has succeeded is by personalizing the story, by creating characters, and events, and narrating the story. People are drawn to a story, rather than to cold, dry facts, lists and explanations; it would be nice if this website could play up this angle of the ‘story’ and show us how Tri-Cities Real Estate really does make a difference in the life of its customers! That would help to show their customers how they actually solve problems.

As a resource, the website is literally stuffed with articles on ALL aspects of moving house, including fixer-uppers, real estate lawyers, and even Debt Ratios. You could spend quite some time just reading around the articles. In fact, all the content is unique as well, and there are some interesting things to play with such as the Google Locator Map, and the search function which had me searching for a lot of nice houses in my (ideal) price range. So joelaneColleen, do you have any good property for a British expat with not much cash?! Well, I found that there are quite a few bungalows (single floor houses), which would appeal to my wife. Why don’t you head on over and check out the fine houses of Washington State. I was also surprised to find that Kennewick’s sister city is YingKo, Taiwan. It’s like a stone’s throw from my wife’s home, and is the home of pottery in Taiwan.

So search away on their website, you can search and register for looking at properties on their website easily and quickly using their search engine. The images, information and website are all responsive and tidy, making it easy to thumb through many properties in your price range. Since their servers are quick, you’ll find it a pleasure, not a drag.

So if you are thinking of Washington State as a place to move to, check out the real estate first, courtesy of Long Term Capital Growth !

Sponsored by Tri-Cities Real Estate.

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