Little Empires: Little Emperors – Don’t be one of these!

You know what I mean with this title, don’t you? You are standing in line for a driving license, or whatever. Finally, you get to the head of the queue, and you plonk your application down with a big smile. In return, you get a sourfaced snort; and an “Oh, I’m S O R R Y… you don’t have the right application form/right size picture/right attitude…”. “You’ll have to come back again tomorrow.”

This attitude, were it only served by government officials, might be termed “something I can live with”. Unfortunately, in the private sector (the world of business and busyness), there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies doing this to their customers EVERY DAY.

Yes… it’s the Little Emperor Bizyndrome. Someone or some company that has gotten so big in their own boots that they now feel that they can tell the world how things SHOULD BE DONE, even though they are dependent on the people they are telling this to for their jobs, services or products.

Rumor has it that companies like Sprint are like this. Certainly there are a number of companies dealing with our business that are like this: Photocopy Companies, Book Suppliers, Online Companies, Google, etc… What they have forgotten is that they are dependent on customers or clients for their business. While their jobs or services would be easier without us, their bank accounts would also be considerably lighter.