Kiva Update: Efrain Montuffar Olguin

kiva update march 2008

Kiva has been providing loans to those in need in the developing world. The loans are a way of helping entrepreneurs find funding for projects in the absence of actual bank lending. Kiva provides a means by which people like you or me can put up the capital (albeit small amounts), pool the capital together and lend it to these micro-entrepreneurs. It’s very worthy as a charity. I’ve only loaned a small amount, but I’m happy to say that this is my second client, and he’s making every effort to pay back the loan. I do think this is a much better way to reach out and teach people how to fish, or at least lend them the money so that they can expand their fishing business, as it were.

Efrain borrowed $1200 about a year ago, and currently he’s repaid about 83% of this amount. It should be repaid on time. For more information, check out more about Efrain Montuffar Olguin and