Insured or not? Find out about Life Insurance from

lifeinsureLife Insurance, like most investment and insurance products these days, is inherently complex. On this blog, it has been something I don’t write much about because I really have no understanding about it!

My wife tends to handle most of the insurance related issues. So I was quite pleased when I was asked to write a short review of a website called which has posted basic information about the different types of insurance there are. starts with a long about page that provides a very good overview of Life Insurance in general, and some of the types of insurance including whole life, universal life, term life insurance, survivorship insurance and return of premium term . I was confused after reading that, not by the explanations, but rather by my pitiful lack of knowledge about my own Life Insurance. I’m not sure what kind of insurance I have, so I’m going to have to do a little research (by asking my wife!). In general, this is not an attitude I would encourage; but since my wife is the expert in that area (she used to sell for Aetna, no less), I tend to leave those worries to her.

There are some explanatory videos on the website, though they are just a little stilted *cough*. Still, if you prefer video to reading, they could be informative. The quote features are just a little obvious, but helpful. The privacy policy is quite detailed as well, as the quote forms sometimes require quite personal information. It is certainly be worth considering reading the privacy policy for yourself but it really is quite thorough.

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