Independently wealthy or just a great salary?

Ask Steve – Money and Financial Issues

What do I do with the excess cash that the business is throwing off?

An answer for you, Steve!

I understand your situation, but I am concerned that your perception may not be quite right. Yes you do have a LARGE salary, well-done. You manage your debt wisely, too. YOu have enough savings for “Quite a while”.

I however.. would not class you as ‘wealthy’. A ‘wealthy’ person would not HAVE TO work again, in my definition. I would say you are enjoying the fruits of your work, but I suspect that you would need to build a system that would generate wealth without you. That would be automatic wealth. That would leave you with the time and devotion for whatever you really value in this world. YOu would not need to look over your shoulder any more and wonder how business was doing.

So I would encourage you to build a financial castle to protect your dreams and your loved ones. At that point, you would be free.