In Sex and Blogging: is Frequency, Length, or Regularity important?

By | January 19, 2007

John Chow has been writing about good blogging habits. I especially enjoyed the one that suggests that post frequency is quite an important measure in the success of a blog. Post Length & Post Frequency.

He writes: “Nothing turns off a blog reader more than seeing a blog updated once per day for a week, then suddenly no updates at all. If you’re going to update your blog once per day (or whatever frequency you choose), then stick to it. Don’t be an on again, off again blogger. Your blog will never grow if you do that.”

Steve Pavlina also addresses this concern: “Some bloggers say it’s best to write short (250-750 word) entries and post 20x per week or more. I’ve seen that strategy work for some, but I decided to do pretty much the opposite. I usually aim for about 3-5 posts per week, but my posts are much longer (typically 1000-2000 words, sometimes longer than 5000 words, including the monster you’re reading right now). That’s because rather than throwing out lots of short tips, I prefer to write more exhaustive, in-depth articles. I find that deeper articles are better at generating links and referrals and building traffic. … I don’t believe in creating disposable content just to increase page views and ad impressions. If I’m not truly helping my visitors, I’m wasting their time.”

I’m still trying to work out my own rhythm on this blog, as you’ll see. But I’ll be trying to aim for more regular short posts, and less frequent longer ones (though I have to find the quiet space where I can spend more time thinking about those! – and that’s not easy in my house or workspace at the moment!).

Hopefully, you’ll give some feedback via comments, posts, stats and feedback on what works and what doesn’t!

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