DELL and YHOO: I finally sold them

By | January 18, 2007

I’d been holding long positions in both DELL and Yahoo for such a long time, I watched them go up, then go down, then go up again, then go down again. Today, I decided to sell, even though I wasn’t underwater by more than 7%. I got tired of the tech ride. I actually want to see a return on my money, so I sold the positions, and am now sitting about 30% in cash right now. I’m looking at a purchasing some ETFs or some Dogs of the Dow stocks with 4.5% dividends. Undecided yet! But we’ll see.

It’s a shame since I had held Dell since 1998, and traded them once or twice over the time. I may try to get in at some point in the future, but it’s unlikely. I may have some seller’s regret, soon, esp. with upcoming launch of M$ Vista on January 30th. YHOO (click to read the story) looks like it may not do more than meet analyst’s expectations, and it’s a tough market for them nowadays, so I’m guessing (could be wrong) that there is some downside to Yahoo. Also, without speculation on a takeover, I don’t see how there can be much upside in the short term. I’m looking for a re-entry point, but I’d like to see that about $23-24, ie. can there be a sale of 10%? I wonder…

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