I-phone or bye-phone? The emperor’s clothes…

After running stories on Iphone, and wondering to myself: what is this thing? It looks good and has a nice interface… But… unlike PCs where there’s only one primary competitor, mobile phones are a highly competitive market place. Does anyone think Apple can just swoop in with one device and carry the day…? Seriously?

Nokia has dozens of models, markets, and sells worldwide; Motorola; Sony-Ericsson; etc. etc. They are all big names, and they all have competitive models with different software. Apple really needs to develop version 2 or even version 3 before they have a chance at carving out anything more than a niche. And a niche it will be, unless it delivers globally. Was it really worth delaying OSX again?

Shares fall on soft demand for iPhone — chicagotribune.com

CIBC World Markets said that demand for the iPhone has had a “significant decline” in the past 10 days and that Apple and AT&T might try to boost demand by increasing their marketing efforts. Apple introduced the iPhone in the U.S. on June 29.

So did you line up outside? Was it all worth it? Or is it just hype? Do comment away! I’d love one, but I’ll never stand outside for hours just to buy one. That’s just dumb!