Hate Email: if you’re getting it, you’re being noticed!

For many bloggers, their blog is their first public venture into cyberspace on a regular basis. Many bloggers have never had a proper website before. Therefore, getting your first piece of hate mail can be quite a shocking experience! Recently, I read the posting here and was quite surprised that anyone would do such a thing… but hey, it takes all sorts, I guess.

For my part, receiving hate mail is a sign that someone is actually reading your blog; and that in hating your blog, you’ve actually already won! Whether or not they like your blog, they’ve already read it. They’ve already spent valuable time clicking around your blog! Hey, that’s fine by me! It enhances my value in some advertisers’ eyes!

But I’d just like to echo the blog owner’s response: “This is my blog and I’ll do what I want with it!” In a very broad sense, all blog owners do this. We seek our own space in the cyberworld, whether we are top #100 bloggers or bottom #100 bloggers. Naturally, we would like visitors to visit, enjoy our blog, and take away something of value (new ideas, thoughts, products, new websites, whatever…) but still it is OUR blog. I’ll be very responsive to suggestions and ideas on how to make the blog better, but… And in some cases, it’s a pretty big BUT… if you don’t like it, why are you wasting your time…? Go and write your own blog! Then you’ll see how difficult it is to write a quality posting day after day!

So, if you recently got hate mail for your blog, why not share your story! I’d be happy to know how you handled it.