Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.7?

By | December 12, 2008

Watch this video about WordPress 2.7. I did upgrade one blog, but discovered a couple of problems with the new version.

  1. the DashBoard link at the top just doesn’t always link back to the homepage. There is a solution, but it’s a bit geeky.
  2. And the Dashboard sidebar just disappeared. Some plugins are doing this. Lighter Menus v.2.7.1 and up are currently doing this.

So when you upgrade (and it’s a beautiful upgrade), remember, turn off your plugins, back up your database (and know how to restore it), back up your file structure, too: Then upgrade. Common sense, it’s true. But if you did it like I did (on a hosting plan with auto-update), you’ll find all sorts of surprises instore!


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