Great PlugIns I have used #1: Adhesive 3.2

I am a great fan of the Adhesive (or Sticky) plug-in that adds a ‘sticky’ function to your blog in the “Post Status” Area. The sticky can work on your frontpage or on the categories only. The option to configure it is in the “Plugins > Adhesive” Menu.
It’s a great plug-in for WordPress, unfortunately, Owen Winkler lost the server that it was hosted on. Seems he has not restored it yet, so you have to get the download here or here. As a result, I guess development work on it has stopped! Wishing Owen the best in getting his server working again. Also, I noted that some people are saying it doesn’t necessarily work with WordPress 2.0.5 yet. So you will need to check your version.

I’ve requested permission to host the file here for Owen, but I’m still waiting for his okay.

In the meantime, I’ll host the zip file here for download.