Good Reading for The Weekend #1

By | December 16, 2006

Have you ever tried to sell a diamond? A classic from Atlantic Monthly. Quite an eye opener in how diamonds were manipulated in the public eye.

I like the pages that I discovered courtesy of 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom. The blog links to some great reports courtesy of IDB on the Dow Jones 30. Should be good reading. I already checked out several.

Matt looks at why Blog Posts matter on his blog. There’s also an article at the WashingtonPost about ‘word of mouth marketing.’

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author has been the focus of controversy for quite some time, this article provides a criticism and links to both Robert K.’s response and John Reed’s original criticism.

Oh, and this is a good quote from John Maudlin’s newsletter this weekend.

But what does it matter if we sell assets to finance spending if the total value of the assets in our portfolio keeps rising? We are back to 1999. It really does look like Goldilocks this time. Oh, there are some rumblings here and there, but overall, Mr. and Mrs. Consumer Investor are quite happy to party on. Equity markets are going for new highs. Credit spreads are tighter than ever (except for sub-prime debt). Mergers, buyouts, and new debt issuance are at all-time highs. What’s not to like? Michael Hewitt of Harch Capital Markets has the best line: “Goldilocks has been left in the dust. We are now gettin’ down with Dreamgirls.

This is a term I came across from the website linked below. It’s well worth reading, too! Financial Pornography Is Not Sexy

I’ll be adding more as I find them!

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