Google Page Rank: Ups and downs…

Google regularly updates its page rank every quarter or so. So naturally, any changes are anticipated widely by bloggers all over the world! But things change, and so does a PR Rank!? Did you check yours recently?

Well, I hadn’t checked my stats for a while. I checked today in the Google Toolbar, and noted that my blog had dropped from a ‘5’ to a ‘4’. Naturally, I was disappointed, because I had come to expect my ‘5’ as a kind of right. This change highlighted how dynamic PR rank actually is. In other words, bloggers need to continue working on their blogs, linking, commenting, and promoting their blog in little ways and, sometimes, in bigger ways.

Actually, my blog fell, because I actually hived off a large part of my blog in early August, but the PR ranking remained at 5, while Google’s search engines kept reporting 404’s on many pages. That issue slowly resolved itself as Google’s search engines crawled my site. Unfortunately, the site to which the majority of my blog moved has remained uncrawled for sometime, and still doesn’t show up properly. I think my recent decision to start a new URL may help this as I switch over to the new site.

I will have to get my act together and work on the promotion of my website(s)!