Google for Broadband: Taiwan, HK and Korea

With increasingly large parts of the population connecting via broadband, esp. in Taiwan ADSL, Google has been running experimental new pages in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea that seek to take advantage of some of the extra bandwidth available to users.

I’ve included a look that shows how the Google or iGoogle page looks in Taiwan at the moment, just in case you can’t access it. Features to note are: a current time (based on the pc clock) in the top left, nicely presented triple column themes with configurable content, links to videos and images in the news section.


The central column links to Google’s search results: images, videos, etc. The right column includes links to your email, picasa, and calendar. To view this, in Firefox, you will need to choose the appropriate language in the View Menu. I’m using UTF-8 which works well. This story was linked from PC World – Google Testing New Homepage Design in Taiwan, Hong Kong . Unfortunately, by the time I came to write this posting, the Korea page had returned to its normal look.