Friday’s Reading: Four Good Stories for the Weekend

Great Investment Advice

This article in San Francisco Magazine called “The Best Investment Advice You’ll Never Get” describes how Index Investing started off, it’s a wonderful insight into the world of mutual funds, fees, and passive investing.

San Francisco magazine

The best investment advice you’ll never get – page 1 of 3 For 35 years, Bay Area finance revolutionaries have been pushing a personal investing strategy that brokers despise and hope you ignore. The story of a rebellion that’s slowly but surely putting money into the pockets of millions of Americans, winning powerful converts, and making money managers from California Street to Wall Street. By Mark Dowie

Unfortunately for this writer, this story is a story that has already happened… So can you still make money out of this? That’s an interesting question because if everyone starts chasing the mean, then what will the ‘mean’ really mean? Will greater value be found in ‘managed’ funds again? …

Are you READY to retire?

This article on Extreme Retirement,

Could retirement before you’re even eligible to join AARP be the quintessential impossible dream? Not if you’re consistently disciplined, focused, driven and don’t give a hoot about what the Joneses think of that beat-up Chevy in the driveway, say experts. Whether you work to live or live to work is a question increasingly answered in favor of living by couples who have opted out of the daily grind before the traditional “early” retirement age of 50-something. What’s more, they’re not going quietly, but instead are springing up on Web sites and in media interviews, telling their stories and encouraging others to follow suit.

Dreaming of retiring at 45 or earlier? I’m not. Why? Because I don’t want to retire… I just want to be free to pursue things that I believe are important, not do the tasks that others pay me to think are important! Of course, that includes blogging on this blog: I love doing it. I just wish I could find the time to write even more ‘good’ articles’… so I should retire!

StumbleUpon Trolls: Good for your traffic!

One blog I was reading today suggests an off-beat way to get additional traffic from StumbeUpon. It’s an interesting read, and something that I’m aware of: writing negative stories or giving negative opinions (like editorials in newspapers) often elicits much more of a vocal, even visceral, response from readers. That’s why TV Shows like Mad Money, etc. are popular these days, because they elicit a reaction from the audience. Does your blog do that? Does this one? …

It’s All in the Blogger

After blogging about dismal performance since the sale a few weeks ago, my story has been picked up by John Cow on his blog. Both of these articles suggest what happens when an original owner leaves his/her business in the hands of the new owner: sometimes it doesn’t last long at all.

In the area where I live, I’ve seen new businesses start up, be sold, and close down within the space of two years: I’m particularly thinking of one restaurant near my home where the owner worked hard to create an affordable pleasant lunchbox, and eventually sold the restaurant as a profitable business.

But the new owners couldn’t replicate the lunchbox experience. Fortunately, they had the tenacity and wherewithall to keep going by eventually selling a completely different set of popular food items in Taiwan: Taiwan’s Little Treats. Now they are moving, and I don’t think the new owners will be successful at all. It would be better to start a completely new business for them.

So, this weekend, where there’s money, there’s InvestorBlogger!


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