A Silver Lining: Google SmackDown brings rewards

Despite the avalanche of zeros dished out by Google a few weeks ago, there are a number of optimistic signs that prove bloggers will blog, blogs will thrive, and visitors will come, whatever the GOOG does. And if that is the case, there is reason to believe that Google will come around to this way of thinking. So what’s been the silver lining?

  • 1. Increasing Traffic to my blog, and many other bloggers!
  • 2. Discovering more ways to monetize: Not Just Adsense anymore!
  • 3. Rediscovering Old Friends: Yahoo search, Bloglines, and many old friends are still here!
  • 4. Finding New Options: Replacing Google services, or at the very least removing 100% reliance on GOOG.
  • 5. Building Relationships: By linking for Traffic, we build relationships that are based on REAL warm blooded People, not archived or ‘dead’ links from months ago.
  • 6. New Tools coming on stream that will help to rank and organize this new reality, such as Real Rank.

Ah, Life goes on! Can you think of any more? My income from PPP has been affected but my linking income is holding steady at the moment. So I’d like to end Friday On A Positive Note!