Finding Cash for Your Business: Easy or Tough?

Clipboard01Banks love businesses but there are times when finding money for your business needs can be tough. Our business had no way to access short term loans or find Unsecured Credit Lines to provide the capital for expansion in 2004 when we moved to new premises.

We had to fund the entire move, which cost almost double the initial investment, from the business’ own cash flow, and our own pockets. And we were an ongoing business with a clientele and even a profit margin! We also had been in business for more than three years, so we had established ourselves. We were lucky though, as our business was 100% cash up front, and we were able to use that money wisely to fund the move, while we continued to run the business at the old premises. We did however, close for an extra two weeks, but when we reopened things were fine. You might not be so lucky, so you will need extra planning in financing your move, perhaps through affordable and appropriate levels of borrowings.

Of course, availability of loans is no use unless they are backed up with a suitable process that allows the business owner to keep running his or her business. Paperwork is too often the bane of most small business owners’ lives. It detracts from core tasks, but doesn’t always add to productivity or sales success. So, it’s essential that the process be as easy, as fast and as convenient as possible. If your business is looking for financing, you might be wise to look at the services provided by

You may find that you can consolidate existing business loans and cut your interest payments, a nice saving that would go to the bottom line. You may need extra funding for capital investments, help with invoice factoring or even just creating an emergency line of credit for times of need.

Of course, such loans will require interest payments, and documentation before they are approved. You’ll need to make sure that borrrowing such money does not place extra stress on your business financials.

So, get out your pencils, calculators and spreadsheets. Then decide on what kind of financing, the level need, and the timescale of borrowing and repayment. If you’re not sure, do your calculatiosn again! And talk it over with your partners! They may need to know this kind of information.