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I need your help! I’m now trying to rebuild my feed and it’s back up to about 79 members at the moment! So what happened? I tried to create sub-blogs and destroyed my feed in the short-term. The stats were good, and I managed to get 100 subscribers then with the subblogs. But after realizing how much work was involved, I decided I preferred the current (and more traditional) InvestorBlogger. I had to remove all the subscribers and start again for the third time! Ah! Such is life.

I would like to publish the feed score on my sidebar, but it’s too embarrassing! I will however publish it if I can get to 100 subscribers (either mail or feed). Subscribe today, and let’s see if we can push the number to 100! I’m giving myself 7 days to get to 100… Can it be done? To see, you can sign up here or here or here.