CyberPartyGal – Blogs and Biz: Buzz for June

Thanks for everyone who has entered this little ‘buzz’ promotion in June already! I have had four submissions so far, plus one from May! If you are interested in finding out more about it, you can read about my buzz competition!

I’ve been slow on the buzzes the last few days! After losing one, and finding it then doing a charity buzz! Well, now I’m behind schedule!

cyberpartygalCyberPartyGal asked me to buzz her blog, so I chose this one (she has SO many it’s unreal! She’s pretty prolific!). So I chose Ramblings of an E-trader . I hope this is the one she mentioned!

Check out the blog, will you! CyberPartyGal offers her collected wisdom garnered from her experience with E-Commerce and her many blogs! Her store is interesting in the choice of items she retails – underwear, shirts, babywear, etc. Generally, these items are easy to ship, light, desirable and profitable, I’m sure!

Just wish her categories were easier to find! Good luck on your bloggings, and do drop by to see us here at

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