Cleaning Up My Blogs: Resolutions Come Early! Progress Report #1

By | January 7, 2007

My new Year’s Resolution for these blogs is already decided: I’m going to clean them up!

I have so many problems with them, and it’s just because I’m too lazy to manage them better. Here’s the complete list of issues:… updated on January 4th.Fixed

3. My stats package with Analytics isn’t working properly yet.

>>> It’s now working properly on both blogs. Cool!

4. My themes are inconsistently used across two blogs

>>> I’m now using the same theme across both blogs.

6. My feeds are activated properly in Feedburner.
Yep, both are now updated and working properly. I still need to add a feed icon on the other blog.

Partly Fixed

1. I haven’t employed widgets properly.

>>> Well, it’s now working on this blog but not on the other blog. I need to fix that one, too.

5. I’ve got tonnes of plugins that I never use, some plugins that I use in one place, but not in another,…

13. My revenue from the blogs isn’t well organised either. Google ads are inconsistently deployed in pages…

I can’t do much about the first part. But I have removed ALL google ads from the blogs to avoid losing my account. I’m using Blogmad and BlogExplosion to gain readership. Both of these are against Adsense TOS. Not worried about it.

>>> I’ve already copied some to the new blogs, but still some inconsistency. Improving.

15. fixing the page redirecting for subpages so that my /stats/ page actually shows up!
Both of these are now fixed properly.

Still To Be Done

2. I’m still using 2.0.4 in some cases for WordPress.
7. My blogs aren’t marketed properly or consistently yet.
8. My ohblogatory blog isn’t indexed properly yet.
9. The two blogs I have aren’t clearly demarcated yet in terms of content;
10. My focus is too broadly spread for many things. I need to focus and get rid of things that don’t currently work well.
11. Need to improve security at my websites, my passwords aren’t great at the moment! Shhh!
12. My disclosure policies aren’t clear enough. I have no TOS, no other information. No contact me plug-in.
14. adopting friendly URLs for my blogs.
16. Fix the ads in the pages, Google Ads, Performancing, Adlinks…
17. Think about adding some CJ Links, too, esp. since I’m a member.

Methinks I have a lot to do.

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