December 2006: Scorecard

Well here are the results for December 2006. I’m still working on the form for the information, but I’ll present it now and tidy it up later.

Payperpost $212.17 52.92%
Google $7.53 1.88%
ReviewME $15.00 3.74%
Blogitive $5.00 1.25%
Adlinks $13.32 3.32%
Stockbroker $74.67 8.63%
Hosting $61.54 15.35%
Bank A/C Interest $11.66 2.91%
Total $400.89 33.41%

So, overall, December was a good month in many ways, but the numbers are deceptive. Payperpost raised a lot of cash for me, but in practice, I doubt that I will reach that amount of money in January. There aren’t so many exciting posts to write about. The ReviewME system has in fact only awarded me one opportunity, as has Blogitive. Adlinks show a lot of promise but will only succeed on a longer term and more stable blog! My stockbroker paid me both December’s and January’s dividends so naturally January will net not very much. February should be a return to form. Hosting is irregular. I may have another couple of clients, but it isn’t a great deal overall. So, I reached about 33% of my target, this month. Can I achieve this on a regular basis? Well, we’ll see.