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Google Get St*ffed

It really makes no sense to cull websites for keyword phrase stuffing if it’s using commonsense words … coffee maker is a distinct term from coffee (my niche), and though the term ‘maker’ denotes both a machine or individual, in an article that is about coffee makers, leaving out the word ‘coffee’ really makes no sense at all.… Read More »

It’s all in the cloud

Having been a Dropbox user for sometime, I started evaluating the other options from competing providers yesterday. Ubuntu 1 Google Microsoft Apple Prices seem all over the place at the moment, as do service standards. Free. The best free service in terms of space vs. pricing is Microsoft. If you have an account with Microsoft already, you can… Read More »

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC: Wow!

$799 Intel™ Atom Z540 Processor (1.86GHz, 512KB L2 cache, 533MHz FSB)3 Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32 bit1 8.9-inch diagonal WSVGA HP Touchscreen (1024 x 600 or 1024 x 768 for some applications) 2GB DDR2 667MHz on board memory 64GB Solid State Module (SSM) VGA webcam (inward facing), 3MP camera (outward facing) Integrated 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN4 HP Integrated… Read More »

SBI: Updates for September

It’s been three or four months since my last update on SBI blogging. Since then a lot has changed, and not much. Site #1: PCB Traffic is growing now, in some ways dramatically. In crude stats terms: Pages: we have now 101 pages of content on the site vs. about 75 pages in May. So content has accelerated.… Read More »

Worries: it’s a craiglist/facebook world!

Some of my readers might worry about why I’m telling you about our London trip just now… nearly a month after it happened! In short, when people know you’re travelling … it’s an open invitation to trouble while you’re away. So we are trying to exercise a little caution about this by not publicising our trip any more.… Read More »

New Front Page for SST

Successful Stock Trade Ask readers some stock related questions… get their juices stimulated? Have you lost 50% of your portfolio in the recent market gyrations? Have you traded in and out of stocks with no clear goals or directions? Are you facing personal finance troubles? Your Financial Journey Begins… This site started out as a personal journey on… Read More »

Rewrite: Homepage

How’s your stock investing doing? Have you been successful in the past ten years? Or has your 401K or personal investing account been sucked dry the gyrations of the stockmarket over the past few years? Are you looking to get started with your first time investments? Or are you now dipping your toes back in the stock market… Read More »

About Page

Early Days Successful Stock Investor came into being in early 2010, and is one of the sites from SiteBuildIt by the founder of the site, Ezra Salken. In late May, the site was purchased by InvestorBlogger author, Kenneth Dickson. In a few short months, Ezra researched and created over 40 pages of excellent content on many aspects of… Read More »