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Kiva Supporter: Give Entrepreneurs a Chance

I’ve been a small time supporter of Kiva for a while, and recently I’ve been focusing on those entrepreneurs who grow coffee for us or those in the coffee business. But just supported a new borrower who’s growing coffee in Honduras, one of my favorite coffee origins. See the jpeg for more information. Take a look for yourself.

Low Savings Rates: In the West

I don’t have pretty graphs to illustrate this. But just a niggling suspicion that Western consumers know their dollars, pounds, and zloty are worthless (relatively speaking)? What incentive do you have to save if banks go bankrupt, governments steal your deposits, and impound your pension funds? What incentive at all? I’m not even talking about inflation & low… Read More »

Worried about the price of Gold?

Gold has been on quite a rollercoaster recently from $1200 to $1800. But you may be wondering why gold is now more affordable! Well, IMHO, one of the biggest reasons gold is priced down is that there are fewer expectations of inflation, economies are sluggish so aggregate demand for goods & services is slowing. So we’ll have higher… Read More »

Cyprus Govt. steals savers money & rewards incompetence

While the Cyprus government may sequester this money (it’s not a tax), the consequences of doing this will be profound and may damage the very foundations this deal was aimed at creating. In a radical departure from previous aid packages, euro zone finance ministers want Cyprus savers to forfeit up to 9.9 percent of their deposits in return… Read More »

The 3 Chart Patterns You Can’t Afford Not to Trade

Chart patterns are specific price-action patterns in stock prices that have repeated themselves for decades, giving prudent traders many profitable trading opportunities. However, there are many chart patterns that are unreliable and not profitable. In this article we will cover the 3 highest win rate patterns that almost guarantee long-term profitability and gains. Pattern #1: Head & Shoulders… Read More »

Google Get St*ffed

It really makes no sense to cull websites for keyword phrase stuffing if it’s using commonsense words … coffee maker is a distinct term from coffee (my niche), and though the term ‘maker’ denotes both a machine or individual, in an article that is about coffee makers, leaving out the word ‘coffee’ really makes no sense at all.… Read More »