Options Trades: GOLD Rolled Over & Out

So …

08/08/2022 12:02:28 Sold 1 GOLD Aug 26 2022 15.0 Put @ 0.15

08/12/2022 09:54:45 Bought 1 GOLD Aug 26 2022 15.0 Put @ 0.05

08/10/2022 14:15:57 Sold 1 GOLD Sep 23 2022 15.0 Put @ 0.32

09/26/2022 Assigned

09/28/2022 11:22:47 Sold 1 GOLD Sep 30 2022 15.0 Call @ 0.13

I STO one contract of GOLD when price was trading around $16.50. Within a few days, it was already trading at 5c.

I rolled it at the same Strike for another 4 weeks. Got assigned due to the rough markets. Now assigned, I STO 1 CALL same Strike for this Friday for 13c (later, I might’ve got 18c or more but I had to go to bed!). It’s now trading at $14.97.

In general PE is low, it’s trading at quite a low valuation and looks like $15.00 or thereabouts is a resistance point. I guessed that it wouldn’t trade long under $15. But macro events are in focus and making things unpredictable. So it dipped to nearly $14.

Errors in Trade.

#1 The initial trade would’ve traded OTM but I rolled it. I opted #2 time to allow assignment seeing that not much had changed.

#2 I rolled it during dividends. It traded under $15, too. Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

#3 I’m going to let it ride till next week. If it’s assigned. ? If not, I’ll STO a contract at $15 for next week (probably).

#4 By rolling the first time I reduced the APR from a respectable 67% to about 24% pa.