It’s time for my update website revival. First, the good news. January 2020 Update

By | February 3, 2020


The site reached 10K pageviews in January, which is just about 2000K off its all-time high. Other metrics don’t go back far enough, so I use that gauge to measure longer term success. Traffic to the site has grown y-on-y(200%) and m-on-m (17%)


Total income in January came in at just 1c off $80.00, but I removed most of the Adsense from the site early on. I think the focusing of ads on Amazon, right now is the best thing because I want people to see coffee ads, not other junk ads. I certainly don’t want to see ads with a cpc of 1c.


I keep updating content, rewriting paragraphs, searching for copied content and adding new photographs for the 50 articles. One of the TOP sites in the niche has about 250 articles. So there is plenty of topside for considerate growth, esp. if I focus on evergreen content and reviews.

I won’t be adding many content pages this month, but two are almost completely finished. There are still a six or seven pages that need tidied up properly. But that’s okay. I’m following the principle of edit and update at a frequent update cycle. I ALWAYS update the published date.

Social Media

I will have finished sharing all posts to FB, IG, Tw sometime in early February and Pinterest is next on the hit list because I’ll have good images for sharing, I hope! I’ve had a few new subscribers to the mailing list. AND I’ve had some interesting discussions about my niche with friends & followers! It’s been great.

I finally picked up a Google News link, too! And then one of the CEOs of one of the main companies I do review for hit me via my comments! That was awesome! I’m going to find good quotes from both and integrate them into my articles somewhere!

Stolen content

I have now purchased my old domain again, and will soon reupload the old content for the purposes of filing DMCAs and getting copied content removed from Google (and, would you believe it, Amazon?). But it’s not a priority right now unless I have more time.


Still aiming for 12K pvs in February, income has now reached 75% of the average from the site’s heyday of $102pm average. I’m still setting a goal of $100pm regular, and since much of the content has been updated regularly, there is less to do. So, I will have to start (re)publishing content. But I think I will only do one or two articles a month, while I finish the other tasks.


We’ll see… Thanks for sticking around. If you have any thoughts about my achievements, challenges & goals, I’d love to hear them!

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