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WordPress 2.5: Five Things InvestorBlogger loves!

There are a ton of posts about the new version of WordPress 2.5 , so I’m not going to do a post about that. There’s little point. Also, I’m not going to cover the same announcements. Other people do that just as well. Here are some cool screenshots: these illustrate some of the surprises I found. Nice looking… Read More »

Open letter to PayPerPost: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

This is my letter to PayPerPost, resigning my blogs from their system. Dear Payperpost, I recently took three opps from PPP for advertisers, however, I received a letter of complaint from John who wrote: Thanks for your post! Unfortunately, we cannot approve it at this time because it does not meet our <a href=>Terms of Service</a> in regards… Read More »

Top Ten Posts Updated

1. When Google got rid of the Spammers, I remained silent 2. You are not a credit card slave … and you’re sure about that? 3. Is Google Treating All Bloggers Equally- Oh, really? 4. From BitchSlap to SmackDown – Why Google is just being DUMB! 5. PR Going, going, gone: What now? 6. Getting Traffic From Forums: all it… Read More »