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Who is stealing your blog’s content?

I was browsing some links for my website when I noticed this odd page (see image). And I started reading a ‘response’ to an article I wrote in October, 2007 about the problems of Adsense (original here), I noted that the organisation tone of the article seemed similar to mine, so I checked it out. Voila! Another content… Read More »

Are your posts being eaten by WordPress?

Is the latest version of WordPress eating posts or not? This is the second time I’ve had to write this post. I posted a stub just a little while ago, and it’s gone. Since this is the second time I had a problem with a post in the last week, I’m beginning to think there’s a serious bug… Read More »

Life on InvestorBlogger: What’s new?

In recent weeks, I have made a number of changes to InvestorBlogger Dot Com to see what the effects would be. 1. Static/Dynamic frontpage The first change was a complex one but one native to WordPress 2.5. I discovered that WordPress could set static pages as the front page, and another page as the blog. But I didn’t… Read More »

Get Started Blogging: Lesson #1

I’ve been working with a decent guy called Anuj whom I met on the DigitalPoint Forums. He’s been helping me develop content for several websites. Recently, though, he’s been thinking about developing his own blogs for websites that are personal pet projects. Kenneth … I wanted to ask you some questions…This is for my personal use, i have… Read More »