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By | May 23, 2009

Hyder really got me going when he posted a list of tools he’d never use again, I’ve installed and removed dozens of scripts and I keep testing stuff out…. My list is surprisingly similar.

Tools I do not use much any more

  1. SocialSpark*
  2. PerformancingAds (they lost my money)*
  3. Alexa (for increasingly inaccurate stats)
  4. TopSpots*
  5. BlogCatalog (too much like MyBlogLog)
  6. Dreamhost Referrals (never had one successful referral)
  7. TTZMedia*

Tools I would never use again

  1. Scribefire
  2. Widgetbox
  3. Sitemeter
  4. Smorty
  5. Blogsvertise*
  6. Blogitive
  7. SponsoredReviews
  8. AdBrite*
  9. AdToll*
  10. NewsRoom*
  11. Picasa Online
  12. CafePress
  13. A GuestBook or Hit Counter (so 1990’s!)

*these sites marked all owe me money (in some cases more than $10). In total, I’m owed about $60 which would be better in my bank account than theirs.

These are the tools I can think of right now, but I’m sure that the lists could be much longer if I thought about it.

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