WP Banners Plugin: Good Value or not?

Recently, I set up some banners on this website with the help of several plugins. Eventually, though, with the number of banners at work, I had to give up on Shylock Adsense and go with something that offered a bit more flexibility: enter WordPress Banner Rotator v2.1.3

There were initial problems.

I’m currently using to handle all the banners, and it seems pretty stable, though some functionality and documentation have issues. It’s commercial software though it won’t break the budget at $14.99 as a download. It’s working well in many ways, but there are some problems that I have discovered with features not working as anticipated. I’ll be doing a full review soon: active banner switch and future date expiry don’t work as anticipated (or not at all), but otherwise pretty stable.

I’d like an option to weight ads, too. Some of these problems would be easily solved by setting up ‘ad management software’ and using that code within this software. Such software would manage the ads more effectively, such as OpenAds. It seems pretty stable, though.

wpbanners usage

Other suggestions in email.