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WordPress Lesson 2: Changing your theme!

Have you finished part 1yet? Bored already with the standard theme for your blog? Not surprising! There are so many blogs out there with the standard theme… So how do you change your theme? Many installs of WordPress on hosting companies already include a selection of themes that you can choose from. So, if you host with Dreamhost,… Read More »

WordPress Lesson 1: Changing your password.

This series is intended to help WordPress beginners get to grips with some things that are not ‘intuitive’. In other words, it could be called “Things I wish I knew when I started blogging with WordPress in 2004!” (ed. to make more sense). For the purposes of this series, I’m going to make some assumptions: that you’re using… Read More »

Starting Up: Again – reviving an old blog…

I’ve been blogging for more than a few years… But with one thing and another, it hasn’t been a regular activity of mine … not until about November of last year. I recently had an old blog that had been redundant at a subdomain of this one. So I decided to revive that blog, by giving it its… Read More »

Vent: Do you hate updating your Windows + Software?

Given the number of programs I had installed recently, all this updating was getting a pain in the neck: OS updates, Office updates, Nero updates, Winamp, Virus… Never a day goes by but there’s something needed updating. And don’t get me started on Adobe Reader updates! So why is updating a hassle? a. you’re usually in the middle… Read More »

BlogDesk v.2.7 updated

I’ve been using BlogDesk for some time as well as WordPress. This time, when I couldn’t access my hard drive for software applications, I found that when I went to the website, that Blog Desk has been updated! Here’s some information on the Change Log: * The SmartUpload makes it easier to upload files when working with media… Read More »

WordPress 2.2.2 and 2.0.11: Out now!

The amazing WordPress Team have now updated both of these products. Today we have two security-related releases available for both users of our main 2.2 branch and the legacy 2.0 branch. As these releases include only security and minor bugfixes they should not cause any plugin or theme compatibility issues, so you have no good excuse not to… Read More »