Making a blog bilingual: it can be done easily in WordPress

I finally figured out how to make our website largely bi-lingual (English and Chinese). The pages, sidebars and footers have all been done. I’m now able to drive traffic to the different segments. And all within WordPress.

I have separated the pages into Chinese and English groups, but the bloggings themselves are still the same. However, the changes should help both audiences feel a little more comfortable with the format. The English side located at We’ll be able to drive a lot more traffic that way! Be prepared if you do check it out: use Firefox (for easy language switching) or install East Asian languages in your PC (it’s on your XP disk – you do still have that, right?).

english nozkidz

I wonder if you can figure out how I did it! Clue: Theme Switcher and Sidebar editing!… Do you want to know how? The posts are still mixed so you will encounter Chinese in the blog. But that’s not a problem is it?

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