BuzzFEST #4: Cityslicker Mom

In my series of 30 Blogbuzzes, we’ve reached number 4! And I’m delighted to welcome City Slicker Mom to stand up and take a bow. As you can see, the graphic is quite big, bold and colorful! Sure to attract enough attention from visitors and encourage them to find out what’s going on…


City Slicker Mom only started blogging in May, a little over five months ago. In that time, she has already achieved a blog of PR4 which in these difficult PR times, when more prominent blogs haven’t achieved any PR is pretty amazing. I think I’m going to have take some lessons from her! So, please write an article on what you did to get PR4! There are lots of bloggers who would love to know!

Her blog covers a number of areas that are likely to prove popular such as Promote Your Blog, Mommy, Reviews, Dieting, and Success Stories. Some suggestions to think about, though these are just my opinions!

  • How about registering your own domain name? It might be difficult to give up your PR4 ranking for a new domain, but the benefits could be worthwhile, especially with Argus coming.
  • Also, be careful about using too many ‘free’ articles – you may find that they do not provide unique content at all. One article I found from your website was used on over 200 other websites.
  • Busy Your sidebars: Some of your sidebars seem uneven! The left sidebar has only a few elements, while the right sidebar is very busy. Perhaps you could balance, or remove the left one, or add Google Ads and a few more things of interest.

Looking forward to seeing how your blog progresses, and what traffic levels you can generate! If you can get a PR4, then getting better traffic shouldn’t be a problem! Good luck, and let me know how things go.

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