Random Bits and Bobs: Argus, Lost Cameras, and Dreamhost PS

Get a life! I am not particularly interested in sitting on my keyboard and bidding minute-by-minute for items I don’t absolutely need on things like eBay, Payperpost and Stocks. Who has the interest to sit with their finger poised over the enter key? After being kicked off eBay unceremoniously, it’s made me somewhat more reticent to become involved… Read More »

Is Google getting too big for their boots?

Many of the higher profile bloggers have recently had their PR ranking dinged by -1 or -2 points by Google for various reasons: Andy Beard -2 John Chow -2 Problogger -2 And the list goes on and on… I was surprised, but then my own blog has been dinged by -1. Then there are some well known blogs… Read More »

BuzzFEST #4: Cityslicker Mom

In my series of 30 Blogbuzzes, we’ve reached number 4! And I’m delighted to welcome City Slicker Mom to stand up and take a bow. As you can see, the graphic is quite big, bold and colorful! Sure to attract enough attention from visitors and encourage them to find out what’s going on… City Slicker Mom only started… Read More »

PayPerPost’s Best Practices: Best for Bloggers?

Payperpost recently celebrated its first full year as a company, and in that time things have changed a lot for them, for their bloggers and their advertisers. One recent innovation has been the introduction of lots of tools for bloggers, including the Marketplace, PPP Direct, a referral program and so on. Best Practices: Best for Bloggers? They’ve just… Read More »