BuzzFest #10: Mike’s Money Making Mission

I’m still running my little promo, but this time I ‘volunteered’ a blog for my buzz… Hah! That’s a new twist!


I came across this interesting blog called Mike’s Money Making Mission (sort of M to the power of 4 or M&M’s on steroids). Anyway, Mike has had some interesting perspectives that led me to some great new tips and a couple of new ways to make money, as well as some interesting blogs…

Here’s a summary of the goodies:

Looks like this blog is a keeper, I’m adding it to my BlogRoll page, as I like it a lot: Mike has lots of practical experience online and offline, a level head for opportunities, and lots of ideas on how to make $$$. I’ve already buzzed him, subscribed and checked out his other blogs, too.

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like Mike’s Money Making Mission, then hop on over to Buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 21 buzzes to go! I’m happy to say I’m extending the program until I reach 30 buzzes or Christmas comes first! So hurry before I forget!

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