Buzz: – remote management tools for large networks

For large companies, and small, managing a diverse network of computers across branches, cities or countries, can prove a real headache. Uplogix provides Network Security Tools that allow you to manage remote locations, easily, reliably and efficiently.


The device looks like a regular server from the outside in many ways, but it’s inside that you will know the differences. Take a look at the PDF Sheet that describes the Envoy.

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One of the advantages of the way the products work means that when the network is disrupted, your management of your tools and resources is not. Connectivity to your resources can be achieved through dialup, satellite or even across mobile networks. It will also help network managers automate the diagnosis of a lot of problems within their network, as well as enable admins to make changes and configure machines from remote locations. Of course, security is very important when performing such operations.

It would be good to read a real case study of how their products improve things for companies, but the only case study I could find was very general, it’s difficult to know if it was imagined or real! But I guess company anonymity was important. If you’re interested in trying their product, then have a look at their Quickstart Kit.

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