A Suite Deal that could be just too sweet!

As a blogger, working at my SOHO, I always fancied that I could be something bigger, or at least, appear to be something bigger!

Somehow in the business world, appearing bigger conveys value and status. You’d need conference rooms, fax services, broadband internet, phone answering services, etc.. These can be very helpful to create the right impression!


There are plenty of times, bloggers and other itinerant business people find themselves away from their home offices, often in strange cities, wasting valuable hours looking for a business center to catch up on the email, phone calls, faxes and other work. Perhaps you are attending a conference, or doing presentations to investors, or trying to interest Angel investors in your new tech-startup.

businessuites-logoAnd checking into a large hotel just to use the business center doesn’t make much sense if you are not staying overnight, or if your budget can’t stretch that far in a four- or five- star hotel. Pay-per-use services can really help you spend your money on what you need!

On a trip to Texas, you might find some Dallas Office Space quite convenient, accessible and economical, for example. And you could book in through the BusinessSuites login area (for repeat customers) and make reservations for your favorite suites well in advance.

This post was ‘suitened’ by Business Suites dot com.

Have you ever used a business suite when traveling? Was it worth the money? Did your company pay for it?