Buzz: The proof is in the

There are now quite a few social (or Web 2.0) websites that are out there. I was excited to find one that was very easy to use, much easier than Digg or Reddit. offers readers personalized news that allows readers to find, read and comment on stories. Additionally, clicking on the story link takes readers straight to the blog’s website, unlike Digg or many other Web 2.0 which seek to ensnare readers by endless clicking on pages that link to other pages in their trap.

Instead, aims to help readers find traffic, and send that traffic to the website, itself. Now that should be a boon to website creators as extra streams of traffic will be available for your blog.

There are three aspects that new users need to know:

1. You can submit a story without an account. In fact, it’s really easy to do this. Fill in the link, the title, the comments, and choose appropriate tags for your post and you’re done.

2. You can also create an account that is remarkably quick and efficient. Look at the top, create an account name, then add your email address. An email is despatched to your account, and you click on that link to activate your account, AND create your password. Once that is done, you’re already logged in.

3. Once you add your own story, you can add the HTML code to display a kind of ranking in your blog post. It looks like the image below:


This image is taken from one of my own posts that you can check out by clicking the image.

Overall, the website is well-designed, and well thought out. Adding a story, and creating an account were the simplest of almost all the membership sites I’ve joined in the past six months. Since this website is just out of beta, it will be exciting to see it develop its ranking system, as well as add and improve its usability even more.