Buzz: – A new blog to the ‘make money online’ fraternity

By | May 28, 2007

The latest in my May 2007 Promotion is up for its buzz! Let’s welcome which is owned and blogged by Lars Krumme.

lugnut focuses on making money online and will detail “basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, different paid blogging platforms, advertising platforms for your blog, and different strategies for developing and targeting content for your blogs or websites.”

When I visited, I found it to have got off to a promising start with a better and pleasing appearance and some well-written content: it is off to a far better start than even my own blog last year! It’s nicely designed and Lars has added some good features to benefit his blog and his readers – DoFollow, I-Disclose, Adsense, and a few other features. However, this blog looks like it has fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks, so please visit, leave comments and let the blogger know we haven’t forgotten!

In Scots, to ‘lug something’ means to carry it especially something that’s heavy. Perhaps we can encourage Lars to ‘lug his blog’ just a little bit more, so soon the burden of updating it will seem light enough! It’s much too easy to become discouraged in the first few months!

Thanks. If you would like a little buzz for your blog, it’s not too late… join our June promotion!

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