Buzz: It’s the Thoof, the whole Thoof, and nothing but the Thoof!

To create a little buzz for its personalized news, is running a little bloggers competition to enhance its reputation and for some fun! is a newish website that is trying to create an easier way to submit and popularize interesting stories. But it’s got a much more interesting name than any of the others… Well, in an effort to create a little folklore for the name… this is my attempt!

‘Thoof’ is a corruption of the early Germanic word for truth (nowadays: the word “Wahrheit” is used because references to Thoof were believed to have magical power because of the divine nature of Thoof himself).

Due to indigenous influences of an early non-indo-european tongue spoken in the north east coast of Scotland. The derivation of the word comes from the ancient Norse God, “Thoof”, who was believed to be able to divine all truth from falsehood. Now, Thoof was actually the son of Brono who it is claimed was the god of daylight and the son of Baldr.

Unfortunately, before he could prove himself as the bringer of daylight and lay all things bare under the penetrating rays of the Sun God, he was cursed by Loki (a god of mischief) to speak with difficulty and mispronounce basic sounds as a way to blunt his sharp words. Forever, he would be doomed to speak the truth only to be misunderstood by all around him. No one listened to him.

And so, eventually,, realizing how unfairly the divine being Thoof was treated by Loki, seeks to recreate the role of bringer of truth. The ThoofRank Badge is a reminder of this sacred role.

That’s the god honest thoof!

Disclaimer: This post is entirely cheek-in-tongue… No Pantheistic Beings were harmed in the making of this posting.