Vent: Do you hate updating your Windows + Software?

Given the number of programs I had installed recently, all this updating was getting a pain in the neck: OS updates, Office updates, Nero updates, Winamp, Virus… Never a day goes by but there’s something needed updating. And don’t get me started on Adobe Reader updates!

So why is updating a hassle?

  • a. you’re usually in the middle of doing something when the nag screen starts;
  • b. the download takes so long that you don’t want to turn off your machine;
  • c. the install starts but DEMANDS that you close ALL your other work BEFORE it does anything;
  • d. you are required to RESTART your machine before you can do anything else;
  • e. and COMPLICATIONS through lost functionality (intentional or accidental), screwed up installs, crashed machines, repair bills, etc.

So, now that my network is behind a separate firewall, and each computer is protected by appropriate software, I no longer update my PCs software at each and every opportunity. I know this isn’t the ‘safest’ option, but it’s the most efficient for me. Why? I bought the computers to help me run my business, NOT for me to run the computers and forget about my clients… As soon as something steals that focus, it’s no longer a help, it’s a hindrance.

So vent away, guys and gals! What do you hate about your current software or OS? Let’s tear strips of these software companies!