Buzz #3: I’m all abuzz for Karen’s Chatbug!

myroadI’m doing a little PR promotion for blogger friends of mine! I’ll be making a special page for them shortly, but here is the latest ‘Buzz’ for Chatbug. Simple green and whites greet the visitor.

Chatbug makes a virtue of lots of space, so it doesn’t appear overly crowded. Combined with the empty road, the white space suggest strongly that this blog will allow visitors more ‘contemplative’ room than many of the ‘busier’ looking blogs.

Chatbug is a new blog, so there aren’t many postings yet, but it seems that Karen would like this to join the Payperpost family at some point. It’s still difficult to see what direction her blog will go, but with the name, the theme, and some of the topics, it looks like it will be mostly about travel. That’s a topic I’m really looking forward to.

Want a little buzz, too? It’s quite simple! Read the instructions here.

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