Build Back Links and Traffic with help from Google Reader

I was browsing through Google Reader when I noticed that Google had introduced a new feature that could really speed up commenting. Take a look:

reader bookmark

For this little experiment, you will need a GMail account and Google Reader, and a little app that sits in your tray called BlogComment from Legal Andrew. You’ll also need some saved feeds in your Google Reader account. If you don’t have any, borrow mine ( post / RSS feeds )!

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account, go to Google Reader then in Options/Goodies, you’ll see the menu. Simply choose the right tag, and drag the link to your ToolBar.

Step 2: Download and install BlogComment from LegalAndrew. When you run it the first time, you’ll need to enter basic comments: name, email and URL.

Step 3: Launch BlogComment and it will sit in your tray.

Now you’re ready to read and comment.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Next’ link in your linkbar, read the post that loads in your browser, and go to the comment area.

Step 5: Simply type ‘bcomment’ in the first field for your details. Then these fields will be filled in a jiffy, leaving you free to write your comments. When done, fill out any captcha and hit submit.

Rinse and repeat steps 4-5. It works a charm.

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