Buzz: Broke As A Spoke but worth a million!

I’d never heard the expression “Broke as a spoke, and that ain’t no joke” before. So I googled it, because I was curious about the expression, being a TESOL teacher at heart! Couldn’t find anything, so I guess the expression really must be Polish!

Broke As A Spoke blog is all about how Corrin battles her way through poor spending habits (as we all face our $3 lattes in the morning!), credit card debits, etc.. Along the way, she writes about British Airways in which she ended up with cheapish (non-refundable) tickets and an emergency. British Airways aren’t known for being the world’s favorite airline, except in their own advertisements. I quite like her post on the snowball technique for paying down debt. She’s used it, and found it quite effective.

She blogs about Suze Orman, a lady whose style on TV I admire as she tries to separate the financial and the emotional in front of a TV audience. In fact, she supports her against criticism from the New York Times which says Suze Orman “…she’s taking them on a path she really hasn’t traveled herself.” Naturally, one doesn’t need to have been a car accident victim to know how, as a professional doctor, victims should be treated. So, it’s a muted criticism.

And if you stick around, you’ll find free offers, great deals, and more in here “More Bang for your Buck” category of posts.

One suggestion I have: do use friendly URLs in your blog titles, it will help to make your blog posts easier to find!

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