Norton: Need a good antivirus solution? What’s better than free?

By | March 27, 2007

Last time I went to the local computer store here, I heard the story of a couple who were devastated when they lost their entire collection of wedding photographs to a virus that their pc contracted. It was a sad story, but one that is easily averted by a combination of three strategies: backup on another hard drive that is only attached to your pc for saving data purposes, a good quality CD or DVD burner and a stack of blank disks, and a good quality anti-virus solution, esp. if you are using Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista. Norton’s package will remove three major nasties from your pc, and you get 6 months of updates – FREE!


While you can’t download the first two solutions, the third one is easily downloadable and needn’t necessarily cost you a lot: free Antivirus protection will help provide you with good virus backup for pretty much all your needs. And now you can get a copy along with your Google applications. There are ten applications you can download, from Picasa, Google Earth, Desktop search, etc… The nice part is you only download the programs you need!

Update: Google has added three more applications to its GooglePack.

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