Bloggers: Can you make some money?

Many bloggers are now taking part in the exploding paid for blogging ad market, and many marketing companies have grown up in the last year or so expressly to take advantage of this market. There’s ReviewME, Payperpost, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, and more recently Loudlaunch. On this blog, we will do a full review of each of them soon, and explore the differences there. Right now, Payperpost are help me to get paid to blog for this and my other blogs.
Payperpost have a number of advantages for a blog like this, and some significant drawbacks, too, as a way to make some dollars.


  • There are typically 60-100 opportunities advertised in their market daily, so there is plenty of fare to choose from;
  • Bloggers get to choose the offers that they are interested in;
  • The payment rates are variable, with segmentation kicking in, there are opportunities running from $5 to $1,000 even sometimes;
  • You can, if you choose, create a successful income from the efforts;
  • Payments are regular and reliable;
  • And the regular blogging really helps drive traffic.
  • All postings require disclosure: this is good for reputation.


  • For the niche blog, you may find that there are insufficient postings on a regular basis;
  • Some postings may be ‘unattractive’, e.g. medicinal products, loans, etc.
  • Some of the offerings tried out (perhaps because it’s a market system) may seem ridiculous, such as $4 for a 300-word post on bee hives or whatever.
  • Bloggers may feel that postings, as advertisements, are permanent and therefore should command appropriately higher fees – $4 for a posting seems cheap when you think that it will develop into a deep link at some point.
  • Bloggers may feel (and rightly so, from what I have seen some blogs do) that they don’t want their blogs to become billboards with requisite ‘filler’ posts, just as a means to get revenue. (There are plenty of ‘splogs’ doing that on and
  • All postings require disclosure: this is bad for some advertisers.

There are considerable upsides and downsides to this program, but it is well worth considering if it is worth it for your blog, your reputation, and your time. In the right situation, and right hands, this could be a gold mine for small bloggers, as well as big bloggers.

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