BlogFest 2007 – Final Call for Entries!

By | December 21, 2007

Update: I’m extending my BlogFest 2007 until the end of the year soooo… sign up and enjoy! Maximum number is approximately 30 buzzes … so we have 17 left right now!

As a thank you to my blog visitors, from October 6th to November 1st December 31st, 2007! I’ll be doing a series of buzz postings to highlight interesting blogs. If you are looking for traffic, SEO, and some words of encouragement, do my “Buzz Your BlogFest!”

To see what kind of posting that I do, you can take a look at a recent blog that I ‘buzzed’ over the past 12 months. It’s a great way to do link exchange, generate interest, gain traffic, and increase your PR ranking.

To participate:

If you would like your blog to get a buzz, it’s quite simple…

  • 1. just write 50 words about InvestorBlogger (this blog) in your blog and
  • 2. link to one or two specific posts in my blog(you can choose!)!
  • 3. don’t forget to link to the BlogBuzz page here!
  • 4. then just contact me via the form on this page! It’s THAT Easy!

There are only 30 slots for the blog buzz over the month! But I’ll be looking for other ways to help bloggers, old and new get publicity for their blog! so Stay Tuned!

Once you drop me a note courtesy of my contact form, with the link to your blog buzz; I’ll get to work! Expect your blogbuzz in about 24-48 hours or do a comment in this thread, and I’ll get back to you! I won’t take requests anywhere else from now on.


Here’s the list of blogs linking, thanks!

1. My Adventures into The Street

2. State of Confusion

3. 33 is the new 23

4. CitySlicker Girl

5. Know a New Freedom

6. Summer Breeze in PA

7. Mummified x 5

8. Hunnah

… and a whole bunch more

There are still some open slots… hence this posting!

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