April Fools: Technorati, Safari, SRG, and Analytics – all borked

By | April 1, 2008

t’s Tuesday, and I’m writing this after a rainy and slightly boring weekend in Taipei. Worse, with the continual seesaws of the temperature here, I’m thinking that I’ve got a cold coming on, so I’m going to take some medicine and go off to bed a little early.

In Recent Posts

In recent posts, Sunday was a little quiet on the blog as I spent the rainy day upgrading to WordPress 2.5 which I’m using now for the first time , and enjoying it. On Saturday we went to the local Carrefour store in Tamsui for some shopping: Are retailers driving you ‘Potty’? and discovered that the store isn’t pricing items properly. For people suffering from less cash these days, I wrote about how a game I played helped educate me a great deal –Cash Low? Play CashFlow 101and learn why. Then I looked at how people in Taiwan used to borrow and lend money: a fascinating insight into how money circulates in societies without formal access to banking. The story is entitled: What’s a ‘hui’? How you can borrow and lend money in China, it also cites some discussions that others have had about ‘huis’. And in Tuesday’s News, I speculated about adopting WordPress 2.5 but now I find that I’m using it and loving it.

Crash Your Safari Browser!

Just discovered how easy it is to crash Safari 3.1, the latest browser from Apple. Mmm. Try this yourself.

Load up the browser. Wait until the homepage loads. Enter the letters in the following sequence: g m a i l (dot) g o o g l e (dot) c o m. Hit enter and …

flaky apple software

And I thought only Microsoft could manage that! I repeated this three times, and it worked each time! Try it! I’m not the first person to discover this, sadly. Enjoy.

On the theme of borked things, I can add at least four more today.

Analytics: 0 visitors!

borked analytics

According to this report in Analytics, I had 0 visitors on this day but somehow they recorded 75 visits. Wonder how that can be. I had noticed this a few days ago, and I have no idea what’s going on.

Technorati: Flaky again

Technorati is better known for its flakiness than either of the other two on today’s list. It completely missed two of my major posts the past five days, and just left me with two quotations… Geez. Are retailers driving you ‘Potty’? and Cash Low? Play CashFlow 101and learn why.

flaky technorati

SRG Archives

I also wanted to update the options in my theme for this plugin. But that is borked too! Look. When you check the options you can hit the ‘update’ button thus:

srg archives bug

But all I get after upgrading to WP2.5 is a blank screen with these words…

r u sure

Well, first, duh! If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t do it now would I? It’s hardly a big change to warrant such a request. And second… where is the answer box? Double-duh!

John Chow causes Browser Crashes

Last, you can visit John Chow’s recent post and find out why you have to crash out of your browser in his April Fool’s Day Prank. Unfortunately, he pissed off quite a number of people who lost their work because they clicked on through. Mmm. Is John’s blog finally going off the rails? Well, judge for yourself.

april fool

Be warned! If you are working on anything important before you visit the site in his URL bar, you MUST close the work and save it. Or vice versa. Guaranteed you will have to crash out of your browser to regain control. This could be a spiteful way to get back at someone! 👿

I’m sure that I can spend another hundred or thousand hours looking for bugs, and finding them. But these really are ones that have been bothering me the last few days! Oh, I didn’t mention ‘hosting’, did I? … Mmm.

Does technology make our life easier or not? Sometimes I wonder. What do you think?