April 2007 Results: Money, Stats and Stuff

By | April 30, 2007

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So my April results are in, and it’s quite a mixed bag compared to March Results, and decidedly so, compared to February’s Results. Nevertheless, it’s a big improvement over six months ago. And keeping results like this has provided me with some direction! Naturally, the scale of the results to those of John Chow’s are quite pitiful! But then, I’m just starting out on this “Alternative Income” game.

Payperpost: $157.00
Google : $3.22
SR/ReviewME : $48.75
Other Blogs: $10.00
Adlinks : $17.47
Stockbroker: $104.79
Hosting : $135.39
Bank A/C Interest : $17.51
Total: $494.12

Payperpost has provided quite a few opportunities this month, and I have been fortunate, but I’ve taken fewer opportunities from them than previously. Still, the per post average has risen nicely once again. Additionally, I received an offer through SponsoredReviews for a review that netted a nice amount. Additionally, a new customer registered for my hosting service and I’ll be reviewing them shortly once their website is complete. The Active/Passive ratio, however, fell to only about 56% of the total. Perhaps, though this was due to the slightly inflated link income in March.

So, it seems my quest for generating passive income really needs much more focus to help bring it about! Wishing you all prosperity.

General Stats:
PR Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 3 month 122K* (1 day: 91K est.)
Technorati Rank: 161K* ( a decent jump!)
Overall Tack Rating: Tacks-5

Since last month, the Alexa rank has jumped significantly (note how the jumps are getting smaller each time!), and Technorati Ranking has also improved a great deal. I have maintained my Tack Rating, but increased the number of positive reviews’ feedback.

PR Rank is still 4, but it is looking a little shaky. I will need to do some serious work on improving my rating. But as Alexa shows, traffic is increasing, almost a 1,000 uniques per 30 day period is almost within reach.

Signups to the feeds are now between 30-40 per day on average, and showing some signs of life.

* updated 4/30/07.

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