April 2007: Highlights and Top Posts

This post includes the top ten posts and some highlights from April. Feel free to click around.

Last 30 Days

  1. 18% Lurid Ads on TLA: Change your options!
  2. 13% Buzz: More than Pocket Change
  3. 12% Tithing: A duty to God or a tax on idiots?
  4. 11% SponsoredReviews.com: Should you waste your time?
  5. 11% Adding WP_Optimal Title Plugin
  6. 10% Making more than 6% on your checking – Now that’s evil!
  7. 10% Learning PHP? Open Technology Group – Basic to Advanced Courses at Great Prices!
  8. 10% Networth: Assets – Liabilities <> $0!
  9. 10% Adsense: Does it still make sense? Or is it really just a scam?
  10. 9% Motivation for Monday Morning: Don’t give into the Bloggers’ Blues!

Some *Very* Popular Posts

by Permalink (not by total views – because readers had to go to the page to read the post).

  1. SanDisk’s New 32-GB Flash Drive – Liberation for the Blogger?
  2. My Blog Stats – *updated* March 31st, 2007
  3. Paid Posting: Is mis-spelling a key word to attract visitors ethical?
  4. DELL and YHOO: I finally sold them
  5. Dreamhost: Media Tools – for your own Blog!
  6. Savings Story: Building Capital
  7. Cleaning Up My Blogs: Resolutions Come Early! Progress Report #1
  8. The Daily Latte
  9. In Sex and Blogging: is Frequency, Length, or Regularity important?
  10. Blogging Software: BlogDesk